About Alexis

Alexis M. Jarrett is a young woman who has a love and zeal for life that is contagious. She is a powerful prophetess, preacher, teacher and friend. She is the girlfriend who will give it to you straight, and the sister who loves you through it all! She is limitless, and she believes you can be too!

Alexis was born with Sickle Cell Disease and is an advocate for educating the public on the disease and donating blood. Her motto, “I have sickle cell, it does NOT have me!” 

While in college she accepted the call on her life to minister The Gospel, and is currently enrolled at The Pentecostal Theological Seminary to complete her Masters Degree in Pastoral Counseling. She has a B.A. in Mass Communication from Columbus State University, and a Master’s Certificate in Nonprofit Administration from Western Kentucky University. Alexis currently owns her own business Grace Media LLC, a marketing and branding company.

Alexis has ministered at several locations, including in her hometown of Columbus, Georgia, Boston, MA, Alabama and abroad. She is the international selling author of, “Back to the Father’s Heart,” and her new book, "Silencing Shame." teaches you how to stop the voices that scream your not enough.


When not ministering the Gospel or running her company, Alexis is probably somewhere laughing! Alexis is under the covering of Endowed With Power Ministerial Fellowship, Overseer Dr. Ann L. Hardman in Columbus, GA.


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