Throw The Whole Resolution Away

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I need you to give yourself grace. Lots of it. I need you to give yourself permission to fail over and over again, and each time, take in all the lessons you're learning instead of all the defeat you're feeling. Throw the whole resolution thingy away and make a commitment to yourself that excellence is a process. You're going to fail, hurt, cry and you have to give yourself permission to feel it. You're going to go with the flow one day, and the next day not have a clue where the time went. It's call life, and as much as we try to plan it, organize it, and structure it, life has a way of showing us what and who is really important. 

These are the words I am telling you as my sister in Christ from the lessons I learned from 2015, 2016, and 2017. On the first day of the year, I have begun to unwrap what an awesome gift it is to be loved by God. This unwrapping started last year after I realized how horrible I was at being my own savior. I was sitting there with broken relationships, finances, and health wondering why it all wasn't working.

After an all out assault on my emotions in 2017, God began to raise up an army of people to help rescue me out of the pain I was feeling. I am loved so deeply that even my mistakes work out for my good. Loved so passionately that my very real faults failures and shortcomings have been covered. I don't have to endure the full brunt of my consequences because I have a savior that endured them all on the cross. In Christ, you also have this love.

That's a deep love that not everyone gives and not everyone encounters. Woman in Progress, I don't want you to live another day without knowing just how much you are loved. Just how much your father in heaven has his very best planned for you and how that revelation frees you from trying to be your own savior. Let's face it, you're not very good at saving yourself. Whether you are a structured queen who has a plan for everything, or a creative who flows with the wind, or some where in the middle like me, you have to start out each day with knowing that if everything on the list doesn't get done, you're still on time. You are right where you need to be!

You are not a day late or early on the road map of life. You don’t have to save the world because the clock strikes 12. Don’t overwhelm yourself with a laundry list of behavior changes for 2018. If you take on too much, inevitably, you’ll end up with the same issues. Whatever you can break down in small, realistic, time based steps where someone can hold you accountable will work. Rome wasn’t built in a day & neither is your life.

In 2018 lets walk together in purpose and passion, with lots of lessons to be learned along the way.

Speaking to your heart with my words,

Alexis M. Jarrett #amjspeaks💞