Silencing Shame Book


Silencing Shame Book


Silencing Shame: Stopping the voice in your head that says you’re not enough

Shame keeps us silent.

Shame keeps us afraid.

Shame keeps us bound.

Shame is what the woman with the issue of blood felt because of her condition. It’s what Hannah endured as she cried to God for a baby. Shaming is what the Pharisees did to the woman who was caught in adultery. Shame is the first reaction Adam and Eve had when they realized they sinned and messed up big time. 

One day, God asked me to write down in my journal all the areas in my life that I felt like I wasn’t enough. 

  • I wasn’t enough for leadership 
  • I wasn’t enough in my relationships 
  • I wasn’t enough because of my gender 
  • I wasn’t enough because of my finances
  • I wasn’t enough because of my past
  • I wasn’t enough because of my health 
  • I wasn’t enough because of my race

I was not enough. This was the message of shame, and it been on my phone talking to me for years.

Are you like me? Has shame been your struggle? Maybe you’re a mom and feel like you’ll never be enough, or a wife, or a single lady like me. Whatever your struggle, shame has had a grip on us long enough. It’s time we silence the calls of shame and walk in freedom. 

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